The workshops

We propose free-of-charge workshops for artistic creation to answer waitings of those which like to create starting from the natural and abundant materials found in the river which runs in front of the homes: pebble, small and large, and floated wood. That is also an activity which can be quite useful to occupy the children in the event of bad weather, because it includes the research and selection of materials on the banks of the river, then their shaping.

Our workshops, available on request, are composed of cases including all the instruments required to the activity, a documentation, and a set of stones/pebbles or floated wood to begin with:

workshop Pebble painting : the pebbles, as well polished as possible, are taken in the river in front of the homes or a little further. It is then necessary to brush, wash, make them dry, before painting.

workshop Work of the Floated wood : the branches, the stocks, the trunks polished by the floating, left by the river in front of the homes, allow to realize very nice bases of lamps (see picture below), frameworks for paintings, etc.


A workshop with a microscope and various accessories.

activities to promote geocaching. Geocaching is a collaborative game, aiming at either hiding, or seeking for “treasures” that geocachers have dissimulated in geocaches scattered in the countryside and localizable with their geographical position and with various indications or riddles which can be found on the site
The geographical position is readable on a GPS or a smartphone (such as the iPhone) or, for those who well followed their courses of geography, on an topographic map at 1: 25.000.

The closest geocaching sites are the following :

Les Aygues-Vives, by kiki09250 (code GC28ZHD), at Luzenac (just in front of the homes….)

Pyrénées romanes : église Saint-Martin, by Betty P (code GC2DQ1R), at Unac

La Bouiche, BG 0933001, by kiki09250 (code GC350GD), at Vernaux

La cabane du Boutas, by kiki09250 (code GC4QNQ6), in the mountain of Luzenac

Lordat : nid d’aigles, by Betty P (code GC2DQ1D), at Lordat

Le Gérul, by Betty P (code GC2DQ15), at Lordat

Pyrénées romanes : église Saint-Julien, by Betty P (code GC2DQ1H), at Axiat

Rocher du Courbas, BG0901201, by kiki09250 (code GC297DF), at Appy

La carrière de Trimouns, by Betty P (code GC2DPZJ), at Luzenac

Les Courtalets, BG0922601, by kiki09250 (code GC2HKWB), at Pech

Pic de Saint-Barthélemy et le Soularac, by Didji (code GC2BR6W), at Axiat

Pic Fourcat, borne 0923201, by kiki09250 (code GC296W6), at Caussou

Pyrénées romanes : église Saint-Blaise, by Betty P (GC2DQ1G), at Verdun-sur-Ariège

Les sept sources by Betty P (GC20QBM), at Ax-les-Thermes


Dent d’Orlu – Nicolas G., by kiki09250 (code GC350AT), at Orlu

La Coume de Riutort, BG0902408, by kiki09250 (code GC2HMCJ), at Aston

Pic du Montcalm, 3077m by kiki09250 (code GC2D46B), at Auzat

Pic d’Estats, 3143m, by kiki09250 (code GC2D2EC) at Auzat on the French-Spanish border

Le Boutas, by kiki09250 (code GC4QNQ6) at Luzenac, in the mountains towards Andorra.