2 mountain country homes
along the river

The two country homes of Les Aygues-Vives (“Running Waters”) are nested in a beautiful village house built in 1885 on the bank of Ariège river, on a classified Natura 2000 ecological site of interest, not far from Ax-les-Thermes, in high-Ariège. The place is famous for trout angling and also to observe birds of rivers: wild duck families moving around on the water, grey wagtails, white-throated dippers (a small and rare black bird with a white belly). Maybe, the most talented observers will be able to see in the river a small, rare and very discreet animal, the pyrenean desman.

Our country homes are located close to two regional natural parks: the Regional Park of Ariège-Pyrénées, westward, and the Regional Natural Park of Catalan Pyrénées, eastward.


Magical Pyrenees : sweet and strong, genuine, for ever

Contiguous to the country homes, a sand beach and big rocks are very convenient for bathing in the river. The alluvia of Ariège attracted the gold diggers for a long time, and, with infinitely of patience, it is still today possible to collect some gold dust…

This area of mountains, forests and pastures, formerly property of the Counts of Foix and sanctuary of the brown bears, belongs to the eastern part of the Pyrenees. It profits from sunny conditions (2400 H of sun/year) and relatively dry weather, close to Roussillon and Catalogne climate. By the pass named the Hole of the Bear, the village is connected to Montségur, a famous place for the Cathare history. The homes are 31 km far to Spain (as the crow flies) and 25 to Andorra. The highest summit of this area is Pic d’Estat (3150m).

High-Ariège is the most authentic Pyrenean countryside, soft and strong, sober and generous, the paradise of people loving nature and large spaces, the harbour of the curists, the promised land of sportsmen. The area has many beautiful old Roman churches of Lombard-Catalan style. It is next to the splendid prehistory sites of Niaux, Le Mas d’Azil…

La région compte de nombreuses et belles églises romanes de style lombard-catalan. Elle jouxte les magnifiques sites de la préhistoire de Niaux, du Mas d’Azil…

Snow sports are generally practised in this area for 6 months, from December to May, the ski stations being open mid-December to mid-March.

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