The property

The Aygues-Vives country homes (members of Gîtes de France) include 2 country homes facing the south, in the same house but totally independent, each of them having a separate entry and a private garden enclosed out by a wood fence varnished. The two country homes have in common a yard, the river bank, big rocks and a sand beach. The homes have of a phone line (for the incoming calls only and the urgency numbers) : +33 5 61 04 48 80, and an unlimited connection to Internet by Wifi.

Three artistic workshops, which use local materials, are available free of charge, on request: pebble painting, floated wood carving, inutshuk creation (see below). In addition, and on request, free of charge, we can lend a microscope for scientific awareness and provide documentation about a field game called “geocaching” (see the section « More about the workshops »).

The country home « the Marmot » has a small garden (the garden of the Lime). The country home « the Trout » profits from a larger garden (the garden of the Fig tree) with fruit trees (plum trees, quince tree, fig tree).

The courtyard and the gardens overlook the clear and limpid river, whose murmur never stops. A small staircase leads from the courtyard to the river bed. A small sandy beach surrounded by rocks adjoins the two houses and lends itself to very pleasant bathing. The depth is not great, so diving will be reserved for experienced divers. The current is sufficient to allow swimming against the current. The water level can rise quickly by several decimeters as water is released. There is no danger, except for towels or clothes placed too close to the water…

From time to time the ducks that are dozing in the mauve shade of the buddleias raise their necks, surprised by the lazy mountain train that weaves its way through the trees on the other bank and that we hear panting as it rises towards Latour de Carol. Then they resume their blissful nap by resting their head behind their neck.

The property bucolic…